Thursday, 14 June 2012

Learning is easier when you're relaxed

Raising aspirations: one-to-one learning advice
On May 22nd an adviser from Hackneys not-for-profit education service provider The Learning Trust held a series of fantastic one-to-one advice sessions about learning options and courses for the refugee and asylum-seeking women at Hackney Yoga Project.  The sessions were held in Hackney City Farm’s ‘magic hut’ – a wooden hut painted in bright colours at the end of the farmyard, with splashing ducks and chickens visible from the window.

“The women seemed to enjoy the sessions greatly,” said Khadijah Amani, Community ESOL Advice Co-ordinator at The Learning Trust.  “Thank you for a wonderful afternoon. I don’t think I can ever venture into the area again without dropping in to Hackney City Farm. You’re doing a very impressive job and long may it continue.”

“We are now following-up the advice given and helping the women enroll on literacy, numeracy, IT and fashion design courses amongst others,” said Tamsin Robertson, the project’s English teacher.  “This is a great step forward for many at the project who are keen to learn new skills but haven’t previously been able to access this information.”

Hackney Yoga Project is delighted to be working with The Learning Trust.  The concept of Yoga, lunch and English is simple but effective: learning is easier when you’re relaxed.  It’s also a good example of Yoga off the mat – which is what it’s all about...

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